Welcome Home!

Our Annual Juneteenth Celebration serves as a homecoming for family and friends.

For several years, the Juneteenth Celebration has served as an official reunion for Orange County’s African American Baseball teams and Boy Scout troop. Local genealogists and Montpelier staff also host information booths helping African Americans retrace their family’s roots.


Looking for resources to help you trace your family? Learn how to take those first steps in conducting your family’s genealogy and where to go when you get stuck. If you believe you are connected to Orange County or Montpelier, please email


Hoping to reconnect with your teammates? For several years, Juneteenth has served as a homecoming for players and fans from the Orange Nats and the Barboursville Giants. If you would like to connect to players, please email OCAAHS


Since 2017, OCAAHS Board Member Bruce Monroe has researched African American scouting in Orange County. Through this work he has brought together dozens of former scouts to share their stories. If you you have a story to share please email OCAAHS

Connect with Local Community Organizations that Participate in Juneteenth.

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